Water and carbon dioxide. Thanks to a purpose-designed manufacturing system, these two elements are combined, together with the latest concept raw materials, to generate a sofa padding system of the highest quality standards in the most eco-friendly manner. Thanks to the supplier, OLMO, we can offer customers a natural, guaranteed and certified product.

Comfort foams

Our sofas represent the result of our research and development focused on innovative, high-performance and primarily, certified, materials. Our upholstery is made from the latest generation polyurethane foam which is combined according to varying densities to achieve comfort levels more suited to customer requirements. The quality of the raw materials ensure that the sofas maintain their original shape and elasticity with the passing of time.


High density foams

The option of the hard seat made using high density polyurethane foam (40 kg/m³) is available with all models. The increased elastic mass and fewer air particles serve to increase the bearing capacity of the seat and its ability to resist stresses. The material source and quality remains the same as that of the standard foams.

Memory Effect

The “Memory” option is available with some models; in addition to providing a specific foam which offers excellent comfort, the aforementioned automatically returns to its original form after use. This material maintains its elasticity even after many years have passed and boasts different qualities: user-friendly, hygienic, breathable, recyclable, hypo-allergenic and it cannot be infected by mites.