The reference tanneries are among the finest in Europe, and they specialise in the tanning of hide and genuine leather. Only the highest quality raw materials can produce suitably sized cuts or pieces for the modelling of LAS products. All the leathers undergo a multi-stage quality control, which makes it possible to minimise the typical flaws of natural products.



LAS uses reliable, efficient and highly functional mechanisms. The products undergo the strictest resistance tests, which emphasise both their quality and their durability. The companies that collaborate with LAS are all certified and have always been at the cutting edge of research and development of new solutions that satisfy the current market requirements.



The load-bearing parts are produced using solid wood of a variety of thicknesses. The body is made of plywood and agglomerates, while the filling parts are in unrefined fibre. All the materials used to make the body are low formaldehyde-emitting and are therefore in Class E1. To achieve greater elasticity and comfort, the sofas are equipped with 80 mm wide belts made of a special elasticated material. They are applied mechanically with a 2 cm gap between one and the other.



The leather sofa seams are stitched by expert operators who, with the aid of sophisticated equipment, are able to achieve an artisanal product with the utmost attention to detail. Customers can personalise their sofa, choosing from a variety of yarns, either in the same shade or contrasting with the upholstery. To facilitate this choice, LAS provides customers with a display unit showcasing all the variants and yarn colours to be teamed with those used on the leather.